One day at a time

It has been three weeks and three days since we welcomed an energetic, blue eyed little boy into our home. For the privacy of the child, I will be calling him Evan.

In the beginning, Evan’s personality was very magnetic. He has a laugh that is bigger than life! At four years old, he is the same age as our youngest son. I was thrilled for them both to have a playmate. In the foster care system, they refer to the first days as “the honeymoon period.” Sometimes the honeymoon lasts days, sometimes it lasts months. Eventually, it always comes to an end.

Our honeymoon has officially come to an end. It only lasted about a week. Slowly different behaviors started to come out of hiding. In the past two and a half weeks, we have experienced biting, hitting, kicking, spitting, lying, using the bathroom on the floor (both number one and number two), and being very confrontational to others.

Some days I think it’s getting better while other days I think it’s getting worse. Today, I’m not sure. I know three and a half weeks is not a very long time but it’s longer that two out of the three past foster homes kept him. We are his fourth home in four months.

What has happened to Evan is not his fault. He is the product of how he was raised for the past four years. I am going to do everything I can to help this child. If this placement fails, it will not be for my lack of trying. For now we will take it day by day and hope that one day I will read this and realize that we have come a long way.

Author: fosteringhearts15

Since becoming a foster family in 2015, I have thought about keeping a journal. Every placement is different and I always wish I had tracked our journey. Follow our story as we learn together about behavior disorders and how love can change all things.

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